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            Developmentapplication of polyacrylamide

            Time:2018-05-13    Hits:
            A sewage treatment    1. Project Overview  Polyacrylamide flocculant and its copolymers are important, widely used in urban sewage and industrial wastewater treatment. Ours is a fairly poor area of water resources, coupled with the national water pollution, thus protecting water resources, pollution control and governance is an important part of environmental protection. China formulated the next few years, the urban sewage treatment rate of 20-30%, industrial sewage treatment rate of 84%, urban sewerage coverage of 70% of the water pollution control overall planning objectives. But our technology updates slow in water treatment technology. Currently, the inorganic coagulant flocculant is still based. Polyacrylamide as flocculants, is one of 100 inputs inorganic flocculants, but the effect is the inorganic coagulant several times or more, and thus application of polyacrylamide in sewage treatment has extraordinary significance.
            Polyacrylamide can be classified according to characteristics of ions nonionic, anionic, anionic, and zwitterionic. Wherein the cationic polyacrylamide flocculant sewage treatment is effective. Current domestic production of cationic polyacrylamide technology, especially the production of high molecular weight cationic polyacrylamide is lagging behind technology, developed and produced mainly some low molecular weight cationic polyacrylamide powder products and a single product structure, We can not meet the needs of the community, and the high molecular weight cationic polyacrylamide is largely dependent on foreign imports. Therefore, the development and production of high molecular weight cationic polyacrylamide, and applied to environmental protection, it has extraordinary significance.
            The project will produce a series of high molecular weight and ultra high molecular weight cationic, anionic polyacrylamide emulsion products. The project to develop technology with the international advanced level. Currently it has reached industrial maturity of the requirements of the project. And domestic production of low molecular weight compared to the powdered product, a high molecular weight cationic polyacrylamide emulsion has to use less, dissolution speed, high stability, flocculation, sludge removal efficiency. In other countries, applied sewage flocculants is such an emulsion polyacrylamide products.
            2, the market prospects
            Focus on environmental protection has become a basic national policy. For a relatively poor country of water, protect water sources, and effective water pollution is more important. "High molecular weight polyacrylamide," the development and application of safety and environmental protection in line with national industrial policy, will certainly be supported by relevant policies.
            The introduction of production of the project, will fill some of the gaps in the domestic market, and then by virtue of its high quality, efficient, inexpensive features, will soon be accepted by the majority of users, with the growing reputation of the product, the market share will will be expanded.
            Furthermore, with the rapid development of Chinese economy, urban industrial water continue to increase, along with the sewage produced also increased. According to market research, Shanghai has been to build a new sewage treatment plant, 170 tons of sewage daily enter, such as sewage sludge content is 1%, then every day there are seventeen thousand tons of sludge to be treated. Then a region, a province, and the country, sewage, sludge will be treated every day is an amazing number. Therefore, "high molecular weight polyacrylamide," the development and application, and its market prospects are very broad.
            3, technical features
            High molecular weight polyacrylamide emulsion products with the production process is simple, fast response, easy operation, safety, and high efficiency. One of the most important is a high molecular weight cationic polyacrylamide with less, high stability, flocculation, high efficiency off the mud. The project products and domestic products in the comparison of the performance can be below.
            Projects and domestic products Compare: <1 million instant stability, utility holding less, high efficiency  The project produced polyacrylamide is an authentic pollution-free products, no "three wastes" in the production process.       Second, the paper  PAM is an important additive paper industry. In the papermaking process, polyacrylamide can increase filler and pigment retention rate in order to reduce the loss of raw materials and pollution of the environment. In addition, the paper also improve the wet and dry strength. Our paper is a big country, with the development of the paper industry, polyacrylamide amount will also increase. However, due to the domestic production of high molecular weight polyacrylamide technology is lagging behind. Existing products are low molecular weight, poor stability, slow dissolution rate and other shortcomings, so existing products can not meet the needs of development and the paper industry. The project products due to high molecular weight, high efficiency, good stability, is widely used in the paper industry. Imports of high molecular weight polyacrylamide retention aid for papermaking, the current market price of between 45,000 yuan / ton -5 yuan / ton. Seen in this light, science and technology as an advanced productive forces, society and business will bring huge benefits.
            Third, oil
            High molecular weight polyacrylamide flocculant is not only an efficient and paper additives, but also a very good thickener. Due to the high viscosity of the aqueous solution of polyacrylamide, which can be used in oil exploitation in the multi-purpose additives, such as for drilling, fracturing fluid and polymer flooding in enhanced oil recovery. As the oil exploration process, the average per 1 ton injection of polyacrylamide can yield more than 150 tons of crude oil enhanced oil recovery by 10%. Oil on polyacrylamide molecular weight required to reach ten million or more, but now can not because of the domestic production of ultra-high molecular weight polyacrylamide, so existing products can not meet the needs of oil exploration and development. The project will produce ultra-high molecular weight polyacrylamide, mainly used in mining field. Thus the project product in oil exploration applications will bring a welcome economic and social benefits.
            Fourth, other applications
            In addition to high molecular weight polyacrylamide sewage treatment, paper, oil and gas industry, but also can be used in mineral processing, fermentation, construction materials, textile, printing and dyeing, alchemists, soil improvement. Water-absorbing resin, electroplating industry and other industries. Equally encouraging economic and social benefits.
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