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            Green polyurethane adhesives market has great potential

            Time:2018-05-13    Hits:
            With the state, enterprises, customers of safe, green and environmental protection concepts continue to enhance the development of environmentally friendly, energy-saving adhesives, while research and development efforts and the development of high-tech, high value-added, high-performance adhesive products have become the new adhesive The new industry trends. The aqueous polyurethane adhesive for its environmentally friendly and more attention, the market has great potential.
            Interview Related adhesive Insiders said that the past two years China adhesive market developed rapidly, but is still in development. Currently some developed regions and countries abroad have environment-friendly green adhesives have been widely used in construction, furniture, footwear, automotive and other industries. The environment-friendly green adhesive price is relatively high, so there are some difficulties in the promotion of China.
            The source also said that the countries in the world have set strict environmental regulations, foreign customer's demanding environment, but our government is also related to green product promotion policy. Therefore, the Chinese manufacturers have realized the importance of environment-friendly green adhesive, have realized that environmentally friendly products do not mean there is no market, companies will be unable to better development.
            Environment-friendly green adhesive future will be extended, and environment-friendly green polyurethane adhesive, also because of its environmental performance more and more attention and importance, the environment-friendly green adhesives used in construction, furniture, footwear, automotive and other industries, has been able to become domestic adhesive manufacturers directions efforts.
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