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            Ion exchange resin treatment works

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            Ion exchange resin is a polymer with appropriate functional groups. In general, a conventional sodium ion exchange resin with a large amount of sodium ions. When the high water content of calcium and magnesium ions, the ion exchange resins can release sodium ions, functional groups and the calcium and magnesium ions, calcium and magnesium ions so that the water content is reduced, water hardness decreases. Hard water becomes soft, which is the working process of water softening equipment. When a large number of functional groups with a combination of calcium and magnesium ions on the resin, the resin softening ability decline, can flow through the resin with sodium chloride solution, then the solution of the sodium ion content, functional groups will release calcium and magnesium ions And with sodium ions, so that the exchange capacity of the resin on the restoration, this process is called "regeneration." The actual work, the standard workflow softening equipment include: work (sometimes called a water production, the same below), backwash, absorption of salt (regeneration), slow rinse (replacement), five quick rinse process. All the different processes are very close to the water softening equipment, but because of the different needs of the actual process or control, there may be some additional processes. Any sodium ion exchange based water softening devices are developed based on this process to five (where automatic water softening equipment will increase the brine re-injection process). Backwash: the device to work after a period of time, will block a lot of raw water to bring the dirt in the upper part of the resin, after the removal of these contaminants, the ion exchange resin to fully expose the regeneration of the effect can be guaranteed. Backwash process is the water washed into the bottom of the resin, the outflow from the top, so you can put the top block down the dirt away. This process usually takes about 5-15 minutes. Absorption of salt (renewable): Coming resin tank brine injection process, the traditional equipment is the use of salt brine pump, automatic equipment is built by private jet to saline inhalation (as long as there is some pressure to the water) . In actual operation, the brine flows at a slower pace than simply resin regeneration with brine resin is good, so is the use of saline water softening equipment slow flow through the resin regeneration, a process that normally takes 30 minutes of actual time is good enough salt. Slow rinse (replacement): After the salt water through the resin, the raw water with the same flow rate of the resin in the salt slowly rinse the whole process is called slow rinse, as this flushing process there are still a large number of functional groups calcium and magnesium ions are sodium ion exchange, based on actual experience, the process is the main process of regeneration, so many people will this process is called substitution. This process is generally the same time with the absorption of salt, which is 30 minutes. Fast Flush: In order to thoroughly rinse the salt residue, to be used with a flow rate close to the actual work, the resin is washed with raw water, final effluent of this process should be the standard soft water. Under normal circumstances, quick rinse process is 5-15 minutes.

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