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            Welcome to the official website of JiangSu JianYa Environmental Science & Technology Co., LTD.

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            JiangSu JianYa Environmental Science & Technology Co., LTD.
            Contacts:Mr. Yi
            Mobile Phone:13506109921
            Address:Yunyang Town Danyang City, Jiangsu, China left Yan Industrial Park


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            Jiangsu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, which is located in Danyang High-tech Zone. It is located in 312 National Road, Heng Tong overpass to the South 1 kilometers, from Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail about 10 kilometers, Changzhou airport 15 kilometers, Nanjing Lukou Airport 60 kilometers, convenient traffic. The company occupies 50,000 square meters and employs 120 people.
            Our main products are: Ion exchange resin intermediates (white), ion exchange resins, environmental protection agents, water Treatment Products series.
            In recent years, enterprises have won the "China SME Integrity Demonstration Unit", "Jiangsu province private Science and technology enterprises," Jiangsu Province Science and technology SMEs "," China Film Industry Association Enterprise credit rating AAA grade Credit Enterprise ", in the industry to obtain" star Enterprise "title, for many years to obtain" Advanced production units "," Enterprise Environmental protection Comprehensive Management Advanced "," Industrial Technology innovation Units, "and other honors. It is currently the Vice-chairman of China Ion Exchange Resin Industry Association Unit, Danyang Charitable Association Director unit. The company has passed ISO 9,001:2008 quality Management system, iso14000:2004 environmental system and mandatory cleaner production certification and audit. It is listed in new third board of Beijing in May 10, 2016.
            Companies adhere to the "Quality first, abide by integrity, people-oriented, harmonious development" concept, in the scientific, standardized, standardized, institutionalized management. It formed a set of effective, unique management mechanism, and strive to build intensive, environmentally friendly, eco-oriented, harmonious enterprises.
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